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Theta Orthotics
Custom Orthotic Devices / Arch Supports

Custom orthotics for treating medical problems caused by the way you walk, run and stand. Now, you can stop footCustom orthotics for the treatment of heel spurs, neuromas, posture and more pain, knee and ankle pain, back pain and neck pain cause by a wide variety of medical  conditions. New research provides treatment for medical conditions related to human stance and gait. With seven levels of theta geometry, successful treatment for foot, ankle, knee, and back pain, are now available as you walk, only with Theta-Orthotics.         


Orthotic devices control foot function with Wedges
Theta makes the difference in our orthotics.

Twenty-Three years of research with thousands of patientsStandard Foot Orthotic has now defined the beneficial design of all arch supporting, foot controlling, orthotic type devices. Foot function previously understood, at best as an art, is now quantified as a science. See Explanation.  Now the cause of many medical conditions, including Our physicians can answer your question about orthotic treatment. neuromas, heel spurs, plantar fasciitis, knee pain, back pain, and even posture, can be treated effectively with our unique Theta Treatment Programs, without medication, expensive therapy, injections, and surgery. I challenge you to read the information presented from thousands of other sources here on the net, then come back and understand the unique concepts presented here at Theta-Orthotics.

  • Walk better with Less Pain
  • Remain active while you heal.
  • Decrease office visits
  • Stand up Straighter
  • Feel younger with more energy
  • Avoid Foot, Knee, Back surgery
  • Stop Painful Cortisone Injections
  • Decrease ineffective Medication
  • Do not accept the risk of surgery


Quick Info and Treatment Links

If you have been diagnosed with neuromas, heel spurs, knee pain, chronic back or neck pain, and you have tried other treatments including surgery, NOW is the time to let our physicians Stop The Pain. Only our unique orthotic treatment gives you seven different levels of correction, guaranteed to control pain caused by the way you walk. 

Learn how Treatment with Theta Orthotics can help you avoid
foot, knee and back surgery.

Click one of the links below for information on specific pain causing medical problems.

Neuromas Posture Control Back & Neck Pain
Heel Spurs Stop Heel Pain Stop Knee Pain
Flat Feet High Arches Stop Foot Pain

If you are not certain how our treatment with Theta is uniquely different from others or if you still wonder how we can treat you successfully over the internet when physicians in your home town have been unsuccessful, please call our toll free number and get the answers you need from one of our knowledgeable treatment specialists. Click Here for Products and Pricing

All Treatment with our Theta Products Include:

  •  12/7 toll free support with trained specialists

  • 24/7 free email support with our licensed physicians

  • 3 scheduled progress reports during your first 6 weeks of treatment

Total Control

Call us toll free at 1-800-558-4382  Call us, WE CAN HELP!

More theta correction with advanced Theta Geometry, creates better foot, leg and posture control with significant relief from your pain.

Understand: How More Theta = More Correction = Less Pain Theta geometry makes Theta-Orthotics better than any other arch supporting , foot controlling, pronation stopping, custom orthotic, insole type, in shoe device available. Every 5 degrees of theta significantly improves function and benefits. Theta-orthotics are the only orthotic/foot control devices with more that 22 degrees of theta correction. We have the only system with seven graduated levels of angular correction, we are the only device with quantified theta geometry. Click Here for More Info: How Theta works

Understand: Why Theta-Orthotics work better. With twenty degrees more theta, seven unique levels  of correction, at 5 degree increments, No other orthotic has more than 20 degrees of theta, and none of them measure theta so they can not tell you how much correction they do give each patient. Other medical providers or orthotists can't provide much if any more correction, even when they agree more is needed. Only theta-orthotics can progressively change the way you walk and stand until there is sufficient benefit to completely stop the pain. Click Here for More Info: Why Theta works better

Understand: Why theta Treatment Programs can give up to 400 percent more help than any other orthotic making it the treatment of choice for many medical conditions. Most important is theta geometry and our truly unique orthotic with 20 degrees more theta and seven levels of graduated correction from 10-20 degrees. Add to that Twenty-three years of documented clinical theta research, a new internet follow up treatment support protocol, and the desire of our staff to make theta  treatment successful, insures that you will receive the best of medical care virtual or real. Click Here for More Info: 400 percent more help

Dr. Brent JarretI  invented Theta, Twenty-three years ago when my foot and knee pain was so disabling that I was embarrassed to let my patients see how I limped into their exam room. The pain forced me to understand then invent this totally unique orthotic design.  Now after 23 years of treating patients in my office, and thousands more on the internet, I know I can help you.  If you are a mature patient who just wants to keep walking, a child or adult suffering from disabling pain, or an athlete struggling with chronic injury, I can provide help not available from any other source. Dr. Brent A Jarrett

Content editor:  Brent A Jarrett DPM


8461 Regalia Rd.
Salt Lake City, Utah 84121

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