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Best theta Treatment program for painfull morton's neuromas.
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If you only hurt when your in heels, get quick orthotic help  here. Now light weight, and highly functional orthotics that will work in every sport or athletic event.  Serious, or otherwise competative athletes, should read this  page  at least 5 times before you run, bike, or dance again.
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Flat feet: Theta Orthotics provides a permanent solution to flat feet/ low arches. Do not waste your money with drug store shoe insoles that provide very little support. Get real results from Theta Orthotics custom foot control treatment.

Heel spur/plantar fasciitis: Theta provides complete relief of pain associated with heel spurs and plantar fasciitis. Our progessive treatment system is proven with over 30 years of clinical research.

Morton’s Neuromas: Avoid surgery with Theta Orthotics therapy. Sharp shooting, or inter-metatarsal burning pain? Theta Orthotics takes pressure off the nerve to stop advanced Neuroma pain. Avoid potentially dangerous, and/or ineffective Neuroma surgery.

Sore feet at the end of the day? Our PST (propulsive stage therapy) inserts move pressure from the arch to the ball of the foot while better aligning the foot and the knee. This can relieve foot and knee pain.

High heels hurting? Theta PST’s help you make it through the day. PST inserts take pressure off the lessor metatarsals. 

Athletes: Problems running? Theta’s PST inserts help eliminate knee and foot pain. Keep training, stop the pain, increase your game.

Convert a cute shoe that is bad for you into a cute shoe that is actually good for you.


When you or your child pronates with each step, it can cause foot, knee, back pain, not to mention an akward gait  with diminished cordination.

Brent A Jarrett DPM

Theta-Orthotics effectively treat:

  • Advanced medical conditions, (Morton’s Neuroma, Chronic Plantar Fasciitis, Posterior Tibial tendonitis, Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome, Flexible Hammer toes, Metararsalgia, Joplin’s neuroma, Subluxating Cuboid Syndrome, Achilles Tendonitis, Retrocalcaneal bursitis, Hallux Limitus, Chronic IPK’s, Metatarsal Phalangeal Joint arthritis, Peroneal Tendonitis, Chronic Lateral ankle instability Sprains, Chronic Ankle Pain., Chronic Osteoarthritis) 
  • High Arch Problems
  • Flat Feet, Flexible and Rigid ,(Children and Adults)
  • Athletic Injuries Over-use Syndromes
  • Metatarsal Pain with High Heel shoes.
  • Arch Pain with Flip Flops

Theta Orthotics CHANGE the way you walk and stand.

Learn how progressive treatment with Theta-Orthotics can stop the pain.

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Learn how our total control works in all three phases of the gait cycle.
Understand how two wedges, make the treament more natural and effective.

Control any Pain, caused or aggravated by walking and standing.

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“Dr. Jarrett, The orthotic has relieved the pain of my neuroma to the point that I must walk normally for it to be most comfortable... My Orthopedist said if it were him, he would have tried your treatment before a more invasive treatment, and that there is very little he knows of that provides lasting relief for morton’s Neuroma, so my find of your website was very encouraging. again thank you,” Lianne Valenti 9-24-09

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Patient Testimonials

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Dr. Jarrett, I am currently training for a marathon scheduled for June 1st, 2008. Durning my training I discovered that the discomfort I’ve been having on my right foot is a Neuroma... I was getting ready to accept the fact that surgery may be the only way towards releif. I ordered the orthotics with skepticism, but after only 7 days of use, I have already noticed a MAJOR improvement....I walked/jogged 11 miles the first week of starting to use the orthotics. No neeuroma symptoms. Thanks so much! Alicia Casapao” -April 09, 2008

Recent patient comments: These reports were received 01-07-11 - 01-12-11, only identity content was edited from the original emails.

I'm happy to report that when walking I feel the intermetetarsal nerve much less the past couple weeks then I have in the past 10 years !! No throbing sensation or numbing feeling. Like I said before, when I was skeptical of your treatment,  I had surgery in February 2009 right before my first born daughter arrived, so that I could fix the problem and be able to hold my baby with confidence and do the daily routinue activities like getting her in and out of her car seat etc..,   The surgery was unsuccessfull like many treatments I'd tried previously. I started wearing your progressive treatment in April. I started at the fifth level and quickly moved on to 6 and have been wearing the 7th level for about 5 months now. I wont sugar coat it. I was starting to feel like dang it another treatment that doesn't work, but shortly after my breaking point and having a little more patience I've noticed for the last couple of weeks I've felt the nerve much less, which in turn helps me use the strength, balance and natural movement of my left leg. My strength and balance can now start to replinish itself naturally as I can use my leg and foot again !! I'm so exited I'm about to burst !! You were right all along. I just needed to give the orthotic time to work. Since I had been developing the problem for years it just took awhile to feel results.


Dr. Jarrett,

  I sent you an email using another email account, but I'm not sure if you recognized it so I'm sending another one via this account. Just wanted to update you on my orthotics treatment.  Yesterday marked the 2 week mark using the lower angle orthotics, and I LOVE THEM!!! My feet feel better than they've felt in years.  My left foot is almost completely pain free - just a mild soreness in my arch, but I feel no pain from the neuroma at all.  My right foot has a bit more soreness in the arch, and I'm still getting twinges from the neuroma in it.  My right foot took more time to adjust to the orthotic - it felt like the arch was very bruised and very tender for almost the entire first week.  I'm guessing that I pronate more with my right foot and was putting more pressure on the orthotic arch with that foot. Anyway, after the first week it got much better.  I'm now wearing the higher adjustment today, and it feels fine.  I noticed a while back ( probably 2-3 years ago) that I had developed a soft knot on the tendon in the middle of my left arch, and it has grown somewhat bigger since I started using the orthotics.  Is this common?  I also have one on the tendon of my right arch, but it hasn't seemed to increase in size. I'm still taping my feet before Zumba - I'm really kind of afraid not to since I pound my feet so hard in that class.  I may try in a week or so to try it without taping them. What do you think? Thank you,


Hello Dr. Jarret,

I have now been wearing my 2nd set of the orthotics 7/23/4's for about a week. I do not feel them in my shoes and am getting great relief. I still get a bit of pain from the neuroma at the end of the day usually or when i am not on my feet at the end of the day. Is there anything else that would work for that or is this it? I am so happy with the results even if it did not take away all of the pain all of the time.

Thank you,

A Schoonover


 I have worn each set around the house on the hardwood floors this morning, and don't notice a lot of difference between the two.  The left one (both sets) is comfortable, and the right one (both sets) I feel in my arch (the17 somewhat more), but not painful; I'm just aware of it.  If this continues to be true, I'm inclined to start with the 17. With both, the pressure is off my toes, which is a huge relief. B Moline Oak Park, IL 60301


Hi Dr. Jarrett, I received the orthotics today. 

 I think I can go with the 22-4.  I’m wearing them now.  If my feet get really sore, I’ll try the 17-3 tomorrow but right now, I believe the 22-4 will work.  I have a ‘desk’ job so I’m not on my feet for about half the day.  But I like to walk in the mornings, so I’m looking forward to trying them tomorrow.  My left foot was so bad, I had my  foot x-rayed to be sure nothing was broken.  Only inflamed & swollen metatarsals- no arthritis or broken bones. 

Already the pain is diminished in my left foot metatarsals.  I can really feel the difference in my stance. I can actually feel slight pressure on the outside of my foot.  The orthotics lift the big toe joint which takes the pain away from the rest of the ball of my foot.  I can feel the pressure under the arch of my foot but I know I can get used to it. The orthotic is more ‘annoying ‘ in the right foot than the left but it was my left foot which was in pain. I will keep you posted on my progress.

 Thank you! Suze


  I brag about these orthotics to anyone who mentions that they have arch problems.  Thanks for discovering them M Phillips

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